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About Faum


Faum is a nonprofit organization tasked to create a more equitable future for all artists. Our team of current and former music industry professionals of color understand the challenges our peers face, and we are leveraging our expertise and technology to tackle the root causes of these inequalities. We are determined to see real and lasting change in the music industry.


We are unwavering in our belief that the music industry must be fair and just. The disproportionate disparities faced by BIPOC artists, along with predatory label practices and low streaming rates, are a tragedy that leave many unable to make a living. That's why we are refusing to accept this as the status quo.

We know that every artist has the right to show their talents to the world, regardless of their background. Music has the power to bring people together and create meaningful change, and this can only be achieved when all artists have an equal opportunity to succeed. This is why we are dedicated to promoting better pay and working conditions for artists and fostering an equitable and inclusive environment where everybody can flourish.


Faum is committed to empowering and uplifting musical artists of color. Offering services such as Artist Residency, mentorship, and support programs to create a safe and inclusive space for the music community. Founded in 2023, Faum is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization that works to promote equity and sustainability in the music industry through direct action and research for BIPOC initiatives. To find out more, please visit our website at

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